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Dear Friends, Partners, and Team Members,

I am thrilled to welcome you to FJI Autos, a company born out of a passion for innovation and a commitment to excellence in the field of Automotive.

As the founder of this company, I envisioned a place where brilliant minds would come together to tackle some of the world’s most complex challenges. Our journey began with a belief in the power of Automotive technology to shape a better future for all. Today, that belief remains at the heart of everything we do. At Fji Workplace, our mission is clear: to automotive solutions that make a difference.

Sheikh Ijaz Ahmad

—  Founder OF FJI Industries
Sheikh Faizan Ijaz

Sheikh Irfan Ijaz

Sheikh Jibran Ijaz


Explore Fji Auto as Automotive Manufacturer

Since 2002, Fji Autos was founded and started commercial production in Gujranwala plant. Today it is Pakistan's largest manufacturer of Plastic Injection Molded Car Parts. Fji Autos Management is ever so grateful to her customers.
Commits to continue to supply acceptable quality parts to all her customers on time and at all times while providing excellent after sale service at competitive prices.
Our Mission

Our Mission is to supply the best quality at most economic prices to provide all our clients satisfaction of quality, and supply at time.

What our clients say is important to us

We’re obsessive about transfer of our Products knowledge, here’s the top reviews collected from our clients. Our clients also impressed with Manufacturing Process. Continue to Facebook Page

Fji Autos Bumpers combines style and substance in their bumper designs. Their sleek and modern aesthetics seamlessly blend with various vehicle models while providing reliable protection. If you're looking to enhance your vehicle's appearance without compromising on safety.

Good Product!

Fji Autos Bumpers strike a balance between urban style and practicality. Their lightweight yet durable designs cater to city drivers seeking added protection without the bulk. With a focus on aesthetics and functionality, They offers an attractive and functional bumper solution.


Headlights prioritize energy efficiency without compromising on brightness. Their LED technology not only saves power but also provides a clear and crisp beam of light. For eco-conscious drivers seeking a greener lighting solution, Fji Autos is an enlightened option.

Awesome work!

The softness, ergonomic grip, and fantastic color selection of the mirror handles are all things I admire. These instruments are extremely comfortable to hold, do not slip, and have very professional and high-quality working points.

Reliable Customer Service!

Body Kits caters to car who want to personalize their vehicles. Their body kits and custom parts allow to transform your car's appearance and make a statement on the road. For those seeking a unique and head-turning look, Fji Autos has the creativity, expertise to deliver.

Awesome company!! ?

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